Wegmans Basting Oil

Liquid gold. My kitchen staple. The #1 thing that I ALWAYS have stocked in my pantry. The one thing I can’t cook without. Okay, okay, you get it. This. Stuff. Is. AMAZING. It was even voted as customer’s favorite “store brand” product!
Ingredient List: Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil, Dried Thyme, Dried Parsley, Natural Garlic Flavor. Grapeseed oil has a very low smoke point, so it’s perfect for salad dressings and cooking that requires moderate heat. I use my basting oil for: marinades, chicken kebabs, tossed with pasta and parmesan cheese, roasted vegetables, soups and drizzled on top of salads. There are thousands of uses. Look at my post “Caitlin’s Chicken Kebabs” for an easy meal using the basting oil.



    1. I’m so glad you found my site! I use Wegmans products for all of my videos on YouTube. If you ever need someone to review your products or do an in-store event to up-sell, I would be honored! Please keep me in mind.

      Thanks so much!

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