Cooking Light: “The Complete Quick Cook” Release Date: November 2011

Who are Mark Scarborough and Bruce Weinstein?
A gorgeous couple who have written over 15 (yes…wow!) cookbooks together. They are contributing editors for one of my favorite magazines – Eating Well. They also have a blog called “Real Food Has Curves.” If you’d like to see them dancing with their beautiful collie dog, Dreydl, be sure to check it out!

My “best” recipe site is “” I check it every single day – it should probably be blocked from my computer.
That being said, I fell in LOVE with this cookbook that they are releasing in November.
I work about 50 hours/week and any time I can save in the kitchen is good with me!  Mark & Bruce will teach you how to:
– Clean Quicker
– Top 10 Secrets to being a great quick cook
– How to utilize your pantry & fridge space best

– Oven-Puffed Pancake (see the recipe/video on my YouTube page)
Light, airy, reminds me of a funnel cake (without the added calories/excessively-fried-oiliness)
I already did a video on this recipe and it’s up on my page.

Look out for these upcoming videos that are perfect for the holiday season:

– Sugar-Roasted Plums
– Amaretti Peaches


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