“Ching’s Everyday Chinese” Cookbook

Ching’s Everyday Chinese

Reviewed by Caitlin Cooks

Who is Ching He-Huang?
Ching is a powerhouse! She has 5 top-selling cookbooks and has been the star of three cooking shows.  Her first show aired in the UKTV and she can now be seen on The Cooking Channel. She has her own brand of woks, tableware, utensils and even…mushrooms! She graduated with a degree in Economics and and proceeded to create her own food business. She’s hot, smart AND she can cook?! Can you say triple threat?!  Her cookbook “Chinese Food Made Easy” won the award for Second Best Chinese cuisine cookbook in the world

My Favorite Recipes:
Um, everything?! You guys know about my addiction to Chinese food. But, some of my favorites (if I have to choose…) are:
– Black Pepper Beef and Rainbow Vegetable stir-fry
– Dou miao with enoki mushrooms
– Mango and coconut pudding with orange cinnamon syrup (note to self: this is a great NYE recipe, pair it with some good champagne, and you’re set)


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