Cookies For Kids Cancer

My #1 Christmas gift this season is…Liam’s Lemon Sugar Cookies! You can make a difference this season, one cookie at a time! Cancer has effected many people in my life (and I’m sure yours as well). I watched my friend Jana Piccola (, show up to work with strength while (unbeknown to everyone) her pediatric cancer had returned. On our last walk to Grand Central Station, she told me she had a horrible fever and wasn’t sure when we’d meet again. I will never forgive myself for not truly seeing what she was really trying to say. We get so caught up in work,  the gifts, the hustle of the season and all the things that truly…do not matter at all.  Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the United States. This is due in large part to the lack of funding for cancer therapies. Cookies for Kids Cancer was founded by a Mom (Gretchen Witt), inspired by her son Liam’s ongoing fight against cancer. Gretchen’s story, recently featured in the NY Daily News, inspired me to spread the word. The New Jersey Mom has raised over $4 million for pediatric cancer since 2007. Gretchen recalls sitting on the steps of her son Liam’s school and thinking, “‘I have to come up with a way to raise money for pediatric cancer, but I need some kind of angle that will not scare people off because the topic of pediatric cancer is one that people want to shy away from.” “I didn’t want to make just a couple of hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars. I wanted to really make a difference,” she says.

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  1. Oh my goodness….thank you so much Caitlin! Your support means so much to so many. Children need advocates like you to give them a voice. And together we can make a difference. We already are. I wanted to let you know that in November and December, one of our long-time corporate partners, Glad Products, is giving Cookies for Kids’ Cancer a $.10 donation for every cookie and other treat baked up to $100,000. So, let’s say you bake 60 cookies to give to friends, each cookie earns money for pediatric cancer. You can get more details at our website: or visiting our Facebook page. Thank you, thank you and enjoy your Liam’s Lemon Sugar Cookies. They are yummy.

    Gretchen, Liam’s Mommy

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