Summer Steak Salad + Gazapacho!

Jack’s Gazpacho Video:

Caitlin’s Summer Steak Salad Video:

In the summer, my perfect meal = a hearty salad + a light soup (and drinks of course, but that’s another post). I decided to collaborate with my buddy Jack Scalfani from Cooking with Jack. Jack’s doing the Gazpacho and I’m doing the Steak Salad. What a perfect combo! Make sure to check out Jack’s page for the Gazpacho video + recipe. If you make either one, post your pics on the CaitlinCooks Facebook page! Watch both videos to get detailed instructions and a delicious vantage point! 😉


You’ll Need:
1/4C apricot jam
1/4C horseradish
1/4C Dijon mustard
2T lemon juice
Flank Steak
1/4C roasted red peppers, chopped
1/4C green beans, chopped
1/4C red new potatoes, whole
1/4C blue cheese, for garnish
Bag of arugula & spinach blend

Make It:

1. Combine apricot jam, horseradish, Dijon and lemon juice. This is your dressing, place it aside.

2. Sprinkle flank steak with salt and pepper on both sides. Grill 12-15 minutes for medium (my preference). Let it rest…if you slice it now, all the juices (aka your flavor) will pour out. After resting, slice against the grain.

3. Divide the greens among your serving plates (I’d rather do that than one big bowl b/c . Drizzle & toss with dressing. Top with steak slices, peppers, green beans and blue cheese. Add more dressing and parsley on top if desired.



  1. this is amazing i made it the night that you put your video up…for a small suggestion i put in horseradish sauce instead of plain horseradish cause it toned down the spicy ness of it :).

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