Pisco Porton

Link: http://piscoporton.com/about
This was my first time trying “pisco” – a spirit from Peru made with distilled grapes. Piscos are divided into three main categories – puro, acholado and mosto verde. A puro is made from only one type of grape while an acholado is made from a blend of grapes. The third classification, mosto verde, has to do with fermentation. Piscos in this category are made from grape juice that has not completely fermented and are generally regarded as the highest quality piscos. It wasn’t as harsh as tequila and it packed a whole lot of flavor. I almost refused a sample because I had been drinking wine the whole night, but the fun crew at Pisco Porton encouraged me to try it out as they said “what else are you here for, you have to try the Pisco!” And I’m so glad I did. It was refreshing mixed with the fresh fruits!


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