Forte Gelato

IMG_5829 IMG_5824


I LOVE gelato, but what I love even more is an inspirational story! I have found both! My FAVORITE discovery this month comes from the company Forte Gelato. You can read the full story behind Forte on their website, but I’d like to give you a brief summary! Forte’s founder endured six open-heart surgeries and walked away from his career in the investment world to create and sell the first high protein, low-fat, all natural gelato. Each cup of gelato has the quote “through challenge comes inspiration.” Wow. That speaks volumes. I’m sure we can all relate to that in one way or another. I chose Forte as one of my favorite products because not only is it rich, creamy & luxurious…BUT…it has 15 grams of protein! Espresso (if you couldn’t already guess) is my favorite flavor, although I could also eat several containers of their vanilla, ginger and their chocolate!


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