Tumeric Alive


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Website: http://www.tumericalive.com

I can’t do a cleanse diet because with a newborn, I need all the energy I can get. I do, however, love fresh pressed juices. This past month I discovered TumericALIVE, organic herbal elixirs that re-energize your body and mind. Turmeric is that bright orange spice you may have used in delicious Indian or Malaysian dishes. Sometimes I even toss a bit in my hot tea. The turmeric root was believed to possess spiritual power that cleanses negative energy. Today, studies show that the antioxidants contained in turmeric promote longevity. I’ll drink to that! TumericALIVE drinks combine turmeric with other powerful ingredients: ginger, cardamom, spearmint, honey, coconut nectar, vanilla bean. All based on the flavor you pick! “Coconut nectar” is my favorite, but I love them all. The strong, spicy pops of ginger in combination with mint and the tumeric…a party in my mouth! With the winter months winding down, I’m going to start exercising outside with Noella and I will definitely be keeping a stash of Tumeric Alive in the back of her stroller for our jogs! 🙂


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