Postnatal, Postpartum Weight Loss

Ah, weight loss. Such a lack of resources for this subject on the Internet. 🙂 Between Pinterest, Dr. Oz, celeb trainers, fitness bloggers…it can become a  SUPER information overload. It’s as simple as working out and eating properly no matter what program or supplement you select. My problem is cupcakes, donuts, pasta, burgers, frappuccinos consistency and facing the fact that you can’t just “phone it in.” Results recquire actual work. Bleh!
Several weeks after having my daughter, I felt phenomenal! My stomach was flat, no more nausea, I dropped the baby weight from breastfeeding. I was feeling like it was a piece of cake! No postpartum, I was managing to clean the house, feed the baby, cook, sleep all in one day! This was the complete opposite of what Mom’s told me! Fast forward to five months later:
I weigh 180lbs. I’m not weird about giving my weight bc I’ve never been into weighing myself. I have no emotional attachment to a number on a scale. I know when I do or don’t feel good. The flat stomach somehow morphed into a floppy pouch, a “Mom Apron” if you will. Hot! I had dreams of running 30 mins/day and doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (by either waking up at 5am OR working out after working..5pm or later). Those dreams were silenced by a long day at work, doing laundry, dinner, making lunch, organizing a closet, cleaning, a fussy little mini (or cleaning a fussy little mini), a much needed nap/catch up on shows, a bath to unwind, pumping (another post…), running to the store for formula. You get the idea here. Excuses. But they’re all very good ones if you ask me! I didn’t really get upset about how I look since I’m so busy! It’s THE last thing on my mind. People say “take care of yourself to be a better Mom.” I feel like I did. I ate as soon as I got home, took time to lay in bed relaxing watching TV next to the baby while she ate, bought myself new makeup and work clothes, stocked up on the healthiest possible snacks, loads of fruits and veggies. The one area I’ve been ignoring is exercise.
Someone at work asked when I was having the baby. Umm, I had her…in January. Than at my daughter’s pediatrician this week the Dr goes “you’re having a 2nd one already?! You should’ve waited another year, it’s easier!” Uhh…I am waiting? Last but certainly not least, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a maxi dress (that looked cute in the store) and I looked like I was in the 3rd trimester. I’m not one of those girls that’s like omg, so bloated, ate one donut sght$?!!@& omg’eezies! I’m realistic. My face gains the most and my stomach area. I love not being able to tell in pics where my neck ends and my head begins. It’s like a cool guessing game! I’m also cool bc I magically figured out how to create two chins from one! It’s a special talent. 🙂 All jokes aside, I want to be healthy for my daughter and I do not want diabetes or any related health issues. After spending this past weekend in NYC eating everything (you’ll still see those posts later, don’t judge), I feel unhealthy. I’m tired, grouchy, overweight, stressed. I allowed myself 5 months to use the “just had a baby” excuse and now it’s time to get serious! I’ll be keeping you updated, so I hope you’ll check in or even join me on this journey! I’m using a combo of healthy tips I’ve found from Tone it Up, Dr. Oz, Cooking Light…and any cool, new inspiration I find along the way! We can motivate each other!

Day #1, here it goes!

Mocha Protein Shake
Granny Smith apple
Coffee w/cream (no sugar)

Vanilla greek yogurt w/ a banana
Fiber One choc chip bar
Tabbouleh from Trader Joe’s (parsley, lemon, mint, tomatoes)

Trader Joe’s salad (I usually make lunch myself, but I’ll post about these later)

Trail mix
Granny Smith apple
Pear applesauce
Chopped bell peppers

Spicy Salmon w/ avocado and orange salsa, roasted cherry tomatoes & brown basmati rice

Chocolate covered frozen banana bites (Trader Joe’s), but not the whole entire box!
Green tea
Whole grain pretzels

*I started to bring fresh mint & lemon in a ziploc bag to work and add that to water. Mint aids in digestion/bloating. I drank 4 water bottles @ work and will have more at home.

Workout Session:



I love Blogilates, but like I mentioned there are SO many different fitness routines online, I’ll be switching it up 😉 It’s raining so I won’t be doing a walk with the baby.

One day down, many more to go! Who’s with me??!! Let’s make it a POSITIVE, healthy summer!




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  1. You got this!! I’m here to cheer you on, and motivate you when you feel like you need it. Love you!

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