Microplane Herb Mill + Orange & Avocado Salsa

I don’t like a bunch of kitchen chatchkis everywhere unless they’re extremely useful. I use my Microplane almost daily for zesting citrus, grating parm or grating garlic. Now the makers of the Microplane have created my newest kitchen must have…the Herb Mill. I’m a bad herb chopper, it’s never even and I end up with varied sizes. For the best taste, a uniform size is important when adding herbs. This way the flavor and texture are evenly distributed.
This mill is exactly like a pepper mill with different blades on the bottom. You just add the herbs to the center, twist away and voila! Check out the evenly cut herbs:


I barely keep salad dressing in my hoise (unless it’s a really unique flavor) bc it’s easier and cheaper to grab oil, vinegar and a blend of herbs chopped by the mill. Recently, I made avocado herb salsa which is great on salmon.

2 oranges
2 avocadoes
2T fresh basil, parsley, dill, oregano & mint, chopped
Red wine vinegar, splash
Lime salt, dash

Mix the vinegar, oil & herbs. Toss with the orange & avocado. Done! Serve on top of your favorite seafood or even with tortilla chips.



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