The Cuisine Cube


Cuisine Cube is a website that delivers gluten-free, artisan foods on a monthly basis. This month’s mix included:
-Southern Culture vanilla pancake mix
– Biaglut glutine bucatini
– Billy Goat chips
– Coconut sandwich wraps (only 3 ingredients: young coconut, coconut water & sea salt)
– Grab the gold protein bar
– Kyotofu Chocolate Souffle Muffin (just finished eating it)
– Thumbs cookies (polishing off the box now…does gluten-free also mean fat free? :-/ ummm…)


This is made with Thomas Keller’s Cup4Cup Flour, it’s richly flavored with luxurious dark chocolate.


This was featured on my favorite shoe, Shark Tank! This company is famous for pancakes, here is the g-free version! I’m making it this weekend with fresh strawberries.


Two restaurant owners realized that their customers loved their chips, so they packaged them up! They use russet potatoes. Thin, crispy and yes, the entire bag is R.I.P.


Biaglut pasta senza bucatini (spaghetti’s thicker jawn cousin) has a hollow center that catches all the sauce. This was my lunch today with marinara and tons of fresh basil. It didn’t make me feel as tired and lethargic as I do after eating a bowl of standard pasta.

For more information, you can go to


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