customized oatmeal


I’ve already lost 10lbs from eating healthier and part of that healthy switch involved cutting out bad breakfast habits (donuts, bagels, croissant sandwiches, etc) and replacing that with oatmeal. It’s filling and very affordable! I was super excited yo discover a website that lets you create your own custom oatmeal batches and order PB Lean (my current favorite and most used healthy kitchen essential). Check out what I created:


Tropical Chia: pineapple, mango, chia seeds
Graham Crackers & Fruit: whole grain oats, flax, peaches, pears, berries. I’ve made overnight oatmeal with both (check Pinterest for a recipe overload!) and it turned out delicious!


PB Lean (German Chocolate Cake flavor): I use this on a daily basis. Sometimes for smoothies but always for these 2 creations:
2T mixed in with vanilla yogurt and dark choc chips
2T pureed with frozen bananas and honey for banana “ice cream”

If you’d like to try it out, my buddies at MyOatmeal are offering you 15% off with the coupon code: healthy15

Make up a cool batch of oatmeal and stock up on my PB Lean at


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