Affirmats Yoga Mats


As a new Mom, it’s so hard to find the time (and patience) to workout. I do yoga on a daily basis, no matter what kind of day I had. I grab my squirmy baby, place her on her playmat next to me and she watches and gums her Sophie giraffe. It’s my way of regrouping from a crazy work day, centering myself and feeling refreshed. On days that I have time (maybe 1x/mo) I go and do Bikram Yoga. The days that I can’t, I don’t beat myself up about it. These super cute yoga mats from Affirmats motivate me to place fitness as a priority and remind me to love myself 🙂 And they come in my favorite color…purple!


“I radiate love” The mission of Affirmats is founded on form, function and love. Their mats are earthy and hip, but also provide a dose of inspiration through their quotes. It’s a quick reminder to celebrate the small victories in life and be thankful…to just “be.” I’m trying to focus on living more in the moment and yoga is the perfect solution for practicing that goal. I love looking down at my mat and seeing the positive affirmation imprinted as a reminder.


My yoga buddy (giving up). We all get grumpy, we all have bad days but continued practice and love…creates strength.



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