The Fresh Diet: weight loss meal delivery service, Day#1


Today marks Day#1 of the Fresh Diet. I’ve wanted to try it for quite a bit. I’ll be posting daily updates for all 7 days and my final verdict at the conclusion. Since I cook most of the foods they feature, I’m a tough critic. Honestly, before being a Mom I’d never try a meal delivery service, but working FT the convenience is worth the price. It was a nice surprise to open my door at 6AM and see that bag above sitting outside. No dishes, no trying to balance a crying baby and breakfast/lunch/dinner. I’ll admit that besides the weight loss goal, there were other benefits. Some people like shoes, clothes…I like food (you probably know this about me by now) so it was an exciting way to begin the day! With the package I used, you can select the meals you want. I tried to choose options that are low carb, high protein and include my favorite foods.


Creamy Banana Nut Oatmeal: I usually eat breakfast around 6-6:30 and it’s a mad rush to make the baby bottles, make sure she’s comfortable, grab lunch, find my laptop for work, try on an outfit 3x’s bc it probably doesn’t fit like I thought it did and…make steel cut oats for 30 mins bc they’re healthier! Yikes. This was nice to just have a bowl of oatmeal already made, one less thing to think about! I actually ate it cold and it was perfect – rich, a subtle banana flavor (not too sweet) and filling. The portion size was big and it will keep me sane until lunch.


Asian Chicken Salad:
Before lunchtime, I was hungry…not gonna lie. I ate this at 11:59 on the dot, I was starving for some reason. So the salad had bok choy, Boston lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, water chestnuts and a sesame soy dressing. It did fill me up shockingly! Until around 2:30-ish when I started to get hungry again. I really need to learn portion control. But, I think your stomach gets used to smaller portions with time (at least that’s what I’ve read about weight loss). Than…someone in the office started offering up Twizzlers (pure sugar and chemicals, but I’ve always loved the twisty texture and can easily eat handfuls). I thought about how many calories that would waste and the fact that there’s zero nutritional value. I’m paying attention! For the first time in 6 months postpartum, I’m actually being mindful of what I’m putting into my diet.


When I got really hungry before leaving work, I drank a bottle of water to get my mind off of the tempting junk food. Dinner and the banana oatmeal were my favorite parts of the diet today. I had chia and peppercorn crusted salmon, brussels sprouts with fennel and lemon, roasted tomatoes and a minted balsamic glaze. I use chia in my water daily, but never thought to crust it on salmon (chia expands in your stomach, helping you stay full longer). The balsamic glaze. OMG. I’m inspired to make that the next time I do salmon. It had a strong vinegar taste and a sweet, syrupy finish. 5 stars! This meal made me very full.


Mango Panna Cotta:
This was a refreshing, creamy tropical after dinner treat! If I had made this on my own, I’m positive I would’ve ate the full ammount (probably serves a party of 10). So again…the portion control. I feel full after Day#1, I’m starting to be more aware of wasted calories vs healthy, nutritious options. And I can’t wait to see that bag outside tomorrow morning!


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