Fresh Diet: Weight Loss day#2


Fresh fruit – apples, grapefruit, pineapple, grapes, melon. Blackberry ricotta cheese. Walnuts. Breakfast is my favorite part of the day with this diet! It’s something different than what I’d normally eat, the ricotta was delicious. I never thought to pair that with fruit in the morning, I always reach for yogurt.


Arugula salad with grilled chicken, mango, strawberries, oranges and citrus ginger dressing. I love arugula, so of course I had to pick this for lunch!


I make my own lightened up eggplant parmesan a few times a month, so I had to give their version a try. I peel my eggplant, slice it into rounds, dip in egg, than panko mixed with seasonings. Top it with fresh sliced tomatoes and basil than bake. I’m not a big cheese person since I cut it out of my diet months ago, so I usually leave that out.   I hate to sound mean, but I like my version better haha. I think it’s only b/c that’s the flavor I’m accustomed to. On the side, this came with truffled root veggies -perfect! And chile corn slices. 



Yes, two of them. You get to pick one snack and one dessert, but I usually select two sweet things. Chocolate chip cheesecake – I just really wish they sent six of these instead of one! At least I’m on the road to self discovery, learning that I may possibly have a severe problem with portion control. Chocolate chip cheesecake is my favorite dessert, this gets my stamp of approval. I think I expected it to taste like those diet desserts you see in the freezer section at the store. No way! This was baked fresh, loaded with a smooth, sweet cream cheese base and rich chocolate chips. The milk chocolate mousse with sliced almonds – this looks super tiny, but the chocolate is so rich and concentrated that a bite is enough to calm intense chocolate cravings.

***Confession: We had a celebration event at work, so I may have gotten off track. I had a chicken salad wrap and a dark chocolate chip cookie. But I drank lots of water afterwards, does that help? It’s more motivation to go hard tomorrow and challenge myself to try something new, to try this new concept called “consistency.” To be continued…


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