Rare Essence: 100% All-Natural Fragrance Diffusers


I love walking into a fresh, clean smelling house after a tiring day at work. I hate candles now, having a 6-month it just freaks me out. Diffusers are awesome!! I stumbled upon a brand of all natural diffusers that I keep in my bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Rare Essence diffusers contain no alcohol, solvents or petrochemicals. Some diffusers I’ve tried are just way too overpowering. Each bottle is handcrafted, beautifully decorated and has a quote imprinted. So far I’ve tried Uplifting, Dream and Love. They all make me feel like I’m in a fancy spa surrounded by aromatherapy treatments and relaxation!
My favorite scent (I keep it in my kitchen) is ‘Uplifting’ a combo of spearmint, orange and peppermint. All of their products are 100% natural.



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