Butter Elixir Skincare


100% pure & natural rich, smooth butter for the skin. Two yogis from NYC wanted something pure and natural to moisturize the skin after practice. Butter was born and quickly developed a cult following in the world of yoga! I do yoga almost daily, eventually I’d like to do Bikram again too. This is a luxurious beauty treat after an intense session. Here’s why I’m in love:
– Argan Oil high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and THE highest ammount of Vitamin E out of any oil type.
– Sweet Almond Oil packed with Vit A, E and an overload of antioxidants
-Multiple Uses: hair treatment, bath oil, cuticle oil, massage oil, lip balm, stretch mark oil
-Subtle lavender and chamomile scent

Check them out at Butter Elixir 100% Natural Skincare


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