Joia Life: All Natural Soda in a delicious, sparkling concoction!


Here’s the whole lineup, above. I have to be honest, I hate soda! I only drink water, sparkling water and unsweetened teas. I just can’t get past the corn syrupy grossness. There’s too much info today that explains just how bad it is for your body. I get bored with plain sparkling water and the flavored ones taste extremely artificial, so I figured I’d give the Joia ones a try.


Their bottle is like art! I almost didn’t want to drink it, but I had to take a sip. This one tasted exactly like sour patch kids (my fav movie candy) but…nothing artificial. Real pomegranate, blackberry and ginger. I wasn’t crazy about the sugar content but…for complainers like me lol they offer low calorie options. It’s so pretty and yummy, I just don’t like drinking sugar :-/


Ginger apricot, this was a “light” soda at 60 calories, stevia, orange, jasmine and ginger flavors. This is more my style!! I love their lightened up sodas. Crisp, refreshing and not heavy.


Grapefruit, chamomile and cardamom. I love how creatively edgy they are with the flavor combos. I’m enjoying this one tonight with grilled tacos.

Joia All Natural Refreshing Sodas


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