I did my own DIY Balayage Highlights – and didn’t mess it up!


I really wanted to get highlights this summer but…I didn’t want them bad enough to spend 3hrs after work or precious hours on the weekend away from my mini. I’ve done my own highlights before tons of times. I’ve used the Feria kits, blue bleach, everything you can imagine. It’s come out red, yellow, orange and I always end up having to get a color correction at the salon or buy stuff to tone it. I end up spending more money and time – defeating the whole point of doing it yourself. I found a kit for $40 that contains salon quality ingredients (Kelly Van Gogh) and decided to give it a whirl. It includes the mix, a balayage wand/pro salon tools. It took me about 1 hour to place the highlights since I wanted to be accurate and not end up with random, thick sections. I did it after work while the baby slept so it was very comvenient. I let it sit for 35 minutes. The solution was clear so I could see when my hair was ready. There was only one part that came out orange-ish but that was my fault for not making the highlight thin enough…I used some toner and the problem was gone in 10 mins. I’m really surprised at how natural it looks, I’m sure it looks even better on blonde lighter hair but mine was a deep, medium brown beforehand. It was kinda drying so I used a good conditioner afterwards. Overall, it was much much better than wasting limited time at a salon.


Lighter hair in the comfort of my own home!

Salon Quality Home Highlighting Kit


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