Jamie Oliver’s Modern Greek Salad with Feta Parcels


I watch Jamie Oliver every Saturday morning when I’m drinking coffee and getting ready for the day. I love that he always incorporates so much color into his dishes and utilizes healthy ingredients with minimal effort. I have an obsession with Greek food, especially feta (what kind of person on this earth, doesn’t like feta…psssh…) ūüėČ so I had to make this recipe. I was out of olives and only had red tomatoes so as you can see above, I made my own version. If it saves you money and a trip to the store…improvise and clean up your pantry items. Recipes are like art. There’s an original, than you can get inspired by that and create your own. Jamie’s original recipe is below but have fun twisting it up!


1 x 400g tin of chickpeas
100g feta cheese
100g baby Spinach
1 lemon
Tsp sweet smoked paprika
4 large sheets off filo pastry (froma270gpack)
Olive oil

1 cucumber
1 small red onion
Mixed bunch of fresh coriander and mint
20g blanched almonds
1 handful of black olives (stone in)
650g mixed ripe tomatoes
1 romaine lettuce
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

To serve
Fat free natural yoghurt 
Runny honey 

Ingredients out
· Oven at 220C/425F/gas7
· Food processor (bowl blade, thick slicer & fine slicer)
· Oven proof medium frying pan, medium heat
· Medium frying pan, medium heat

Start cooking
· Drain and add the chickpeas to the processor along with the feta ,spinach, lemon zest and paprika ,then blitz until combined

Fold a large sheet of filo pastry in half, dollop ¬ľ of the mixture into the centre ,push your thumb into the middle to make a space for the filling to expand as it cooks, then bring the sides up and very loosely pinch into a parcel

· Repeat to make 4 parcels 

· Add to the oven proof pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and fry for a couple of minutes to crisp up the bottom, then bake in the oven until beautifully golden and crisp 

· Swap to the thick slicer in the processor 

· Scratch a fork down the length of the cucumber all the way round, then run it through the processor 

· Swap to the fine slicer and run through the peeled onion 

· Tip the veg into a bowl, season with salt, squeeze over the juice of the zested lemon and scrunch to mix 

· Finely chop and scatter over most of the top leafy half of the coriander and mint 

· Put the almonds and olives into the empty pan with 1 tablespoon of oliveoil 

· Thickly slice the tomatoes and arrange nicely on a large platter 

· Slice the lettuce 1 cm thick and add to the platter ,then sprinkle over the cucumber and onion, drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil and spoon over the contents from the pan

Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals¬†is published by Michael Joseph, Penguin¬†
Recipes © Jamie Oliver 2012 jamieoliver.com

Jamie Oliver


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