La Pasta – quick weeknight dinner!!


One thing The Fresh Diet taught me is that you don’t have to deprive yourself. Not a single thing wrong with indulging in pasta but…you don’t have to indulge in the whole entire box during one sitting. There are nights when I’m dying for some good, homemade pasta. I’m not wasting my calories on the low-brow stuff…do it right!  I’ve admired La Pasta quite a few times at Whole Foods and finally tried it out last week. This is not those Buitoni refrigerated pastas and sauces. No shade to Buitoni…but…you can’t compare the two! The Puttanesca that you see above was a spicy blend of fresh tomatoes, bold peppers, olives and garlic. There’s just something about buying a refrigerated sauce vs canned that makes all the difference. I recently had the worst sauce in my life (*cough* Williams Sonoma’s expensive pizza sauce, *cough* don’t do it…) so to have this…restored my faith in prepared sauces!! This was even better than my own Puttanesca. Here are the raviolis I paired it with:



The artichoke was my favorite! The filling was generous and the outer sheets of ravioli pasta were the perfect texture. This was the next best thing to making it yourself (which I keep saying one weekens I’ll make ravioli…something always comes up). I would be proud to even serve this at a dinner party along with some ciabbatta bread, Valpolicella wine (or your fav) and gelato affogato for dessert…perfect, easy, affordable. Hmmm, I might have to do that this weekend! They have a few other sauces and pastas which I’ll be heading back to try.

La Pasta


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