Yarok – Healthy, all-natural hair oils


I’m trying to get my hair back to a healthy state again. It’s taking forever to grow and the summer weather/pool chemicals aren’t helping. I read a magazine article about salons using hair oils and decided to research some products. “Yarok” means green in Hebrew and they make these awesome oils I started to use. Organic, vegan, all natural and they don’t test on animals!


Feed Your Sunshine is one of my beach bag essentials. I put it on before heading into the pool to protect from chlorine damage plus the sun. It also helps protect against hair damage from stress and combats dryness.


Feed Your Youth is an anti-aging scalp serum blend of yarrow and avocado oils. At least 1x/week, I apply 3 droppers of this, massage into my hair than wrap my hair in a towel and take a bath. I’ve noticed a difference in my dry, highlighted hair. I’m also going to start taking prenatals again too..that combined with the oils will definitely make a big difference.



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