Healthier Sloppy Joe’s with Cook Simple Meals


I love cooking every night after work, it’s the way I relax! But…my baby started to crawl like a maniac. I never wanted to be the Mom that complains or cuts out old routines but here it is…cooking every day from scratch is getting hard to do. I ordered takeout a few times last week and both my health and wallet regret it! I never use frozen or pre-packaged foods b/c they’re typically processed, loaded with sodium/God knows what and…taste like absolute garbage! Just saying! Going through the organic section of my grocery store, I noticed something different that caught my eye…these Cook Simple meals that contain healthy (not processed), simple ingredients. I tried it out and…my family loved it!! The only thing I had to buy in addition was ground chicken (I used that instead of turkey) so it’s not greasy like ground beef, tomato paste (had it in the pantry already), a bit of Worcester sauce (had it already) and buns, garnishes (see above). The results?! Flavorful, a kick of spice, protein and vitamin packed. Next time I’ll use whole-wheat buns.


Cook Simple Meals


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