Vacation Essentials for new Moms and Babies!


Here’s what I’m packing:

1 – Coola tinted moisturizer

2 – Comotomo bottles, leak-proof, easy to clean, easy for baby to hold, help w/ fussiness, long lasting, durable. but I bought mine from Amazon.

3 – Peter Rabbit Organics, I put these food packs in my daughter’s cooler. She likes the flavors they offer, I love that their easier than carrying around a spoon plus less mess when traveling.

4 – Mustela face wipes. I’m also bringing their bubble bath wash, after sun spray and regular wipes. I use their face wipes to take off my makeup (the only wipes that don’t make my contacts red and irritated). Saves me a step of packing makeup remover too.

5 – Hampton Sun. This product line has a big range for Mom & baby. I use their sun gel, aloe spray and baby suntan lotion (spf 45, all natural, chemical free…in my video I said barely any chemicals that should be NO…N-O, zip zero chemicals). Tear free and water resistant up to 40 mins. It’s good for anyone in the family with sensitive skin. But my absolute favorite product they sell is the shimmer spray, gives you a sexy sparkle with your tan!

6 – Whole Foods grapefruit spray, real refreshing…if your store doesn’t have it just make some with essential oil, spring water and a mini spray bottle.

7 – A relaxing book. “The Glitter Plan” is my choice. I spent last summer reading Jenny McCarthy’s & Kendra’s Mom books to ease my fears about labor…this year, I chose an inspirational business bio.

8 – Best bathing suit for new Moms…drum roll please..Miraclesuit. I have the Magicsuit in Yvonne but there are endless options, it was sooooo hard to pick!!!

9 – Yarok Feed Your Sunshine hair oil. Hair oils are one of the hottest trends right now. And a great way to give yourself a spa experience without dropping spa $$$. I massage a bit into my hair than lay out in the sun to unwind. I posted these before but you can buy them easily on Amazon.

10 – Cool on the Go an A/C on the Go…don’t laugh, I think it’s an awesome idea!! If the baby is fussy, give them a little A/C action and a cool bottle.

Extra stuff I didn’t mention in the video:
Chia seeds, I add these to water bottles. I like the green tea & chia individual packs from Whole Foods the best.
Motrin – this is always in my purse
Babyganics hand sanitizer
100-calorie almond and walnut packs
Dried strawberries, to avoid eating twizzlers, dots, sourpatch kids and all the airport candy I love

The video for thisof course can be viewed at



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