Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Clear Gloss


My hair’s been driving me nuts. I started taking prenatal vitamins again because I’ve read that helps. In the meantime, I needed a quick fix. At home dye ruins my hair and the salon is way too pricey. I started using a weekly color gloss. Rita Hazan is a celeb colorist with loads of lush locks on her resume – Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez…no other examples needed 😉
So basically, after shampooing you let the glaze absorb in your hair before washing and using a conditioner.


I’ve tried it in clear and brown. I like the brown better because it tones down the brassiness in my highlights. When I dry my hair afterwards, I really notice a difference in the health of my hair. And…it stays the next day! I only do my hair 1x/week usually real early on a Sunday morning. I can pretend to be polished and put together when I took a shortcut, love this product. I found this at Sephora but a few online retailers carry it too.



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