Buff Her Skin Exfoliators


Strawberry Parfait, Banana Bread Pudding, Vanilla Bean Latte. Sounds like I’m making some high-calorie desserts. The deliciousness that you see above…is actually for your skin! Exfoliators, typically harsh and loaded with chemicals, are the complete opposite here. So I started using these a few weeks ago and LOVE them. They don’t make my skin red and irritated like most products out there. And they smell so good I wanna lick them off! 😉 Buff Her House of Exfoliation was started by a gorgeous group of ladies (I love supporting women entrepreneurs)! They were even recognized by Martha Stewart as an American Made business finalist.


I use the Strawberry Parfait the most. It’s a blend of organic strawberries with natural salicylic acid, perfect for breakouts! Added to that is yogurt packed with lactic acid for a gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing. One of their clients was actually able to stop going to the dermatologist after she used this treatment in her routine.

Support my chicas at http://buffher.com


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