Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser: The Skinny Rules


These are the rules that I’ve been following in case you wanted to try it out too! So far, so good. The true test was going out to dinner…and I passed. No bread, tons of water, no alcohol. Once you get past the first 7 days, it becomes fun, it’s a way to challenge yourself. #18 and #19 have been kinda hard. I bought Tazo’s Calm Tea and that definitely noticed it helped me fall asleep quicker. I’m having a lot of fun making Bob’s recipes too…I tried the spaghetti squash casserole, zucchini noodles, pad thai. High protein, low carbs. Check him out at

When I notice that I do crave sugar, I eat Pure Bars (saw them in a fitness magazine as one if the best bars to buy):
The blueberry is my favorite..they’re all gluten free, vegan and raw. Rich in antioxidants in vitamins and…the company was started by a Mom who turned vegetarian after going to the zoo with her child. That alone makes me want to support her company


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