Monday Morning Coffee, illy Espresso


One of my favorite things in the world is espresso! I was excited to learn that on my Rachael Ray Show diet, espresso is encouraged! Even 2-3x’s/day! Just not with heavy cream (which I used to add) or sugar. You really do get used to it and you can taste the flavor profile of the espresso better. Plus, as long as I get my much needed caffeine fix…I don’t mind missing out on the extra add-ins. I never really liked the flavored creamer things, they kinda grossed me out. I’ve been drinking the illy no sugar caffe espressos above. Portable and tiny so I can grab and throw in my purse. And strong espresso tastes better cold. The problem is I’m daydreaming about pouring them over ladyfingers for tiramisu – will need to find a “lightened up” recipe 😉 I’m getting an espresso maker this week (don’t judge, some people like cars, shoes, clothes…no thanks, I like kitchen appliances -lol!!) and I’ll probably try the illy whole beans.


The latte macchiato, mochaccino and cappuccino flavors are perfection. Of course I’m avoiding those because of the sugar (I cut out all processed sugars…7 days going strong, woohoo) but they’re only 100-120 calories if you do want a treat.


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