Grey Ghost Bakery Chocolate Espresso Cookies


I’m so speechless I don’t really know where to start. OMG. My “signature” dessert that I make is chocolate espresso cookies, I’ve been making them even before I started food blogging. I have such a love for the combination of chocolate plus espresso, it’s crazy. Because I am on a healthy diet plan, when I sample one thing/week outside of the diet it has to be worth it.


These cookies get 10-stars and if I could give them more, I would. They come in chic packaging that would be PERFECT for gifting. The texture is soft but slightly chewy. Inside, are chunks of dark melted chocolate. Rich. Decadent. O.M.G.


The split cookie..see the chocolate chunks??!! Nom, nom, nom, nom.


I enjoyed it with an espresso. I didn’t eat that whole stack, don’t worry. Though, it took much persistence to say no after one!


Grey Ghost bakery has a nice family history and it’s located near Myrtle Beach, my summer destination! I think they need to partner up with the hotel I stay at there so Grey Ghost cookies are in every room 😉 They have several other delicious flavors. I discovered them on my #1 website but you can find their site at


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