Fixx Chocolate Bars: artisan chocolates



The chocolate “Fixx” continues. High quality, small portions. I took a sample out of each of these luscious chocolate bars you see above and gave them a 10/10. Freshness is key. I hate spending money on Godiva some brand of chocolate that’s been in the stockroom than transferred to a shelf for weeks. The color and texture of chocolate are the quickest indicator of quality. As soon as I took these bars out of the box, I knew they were shipped right after being crafted. These artisan chocolates are the creation of the very passionate and talented Nicole Coady.

Here are the flavor details:



My favorite are the “bud’s” it’s like an amplified, fancier Snickers bar and coated in dark chocolate.


My 2nd favorite are the lulu’s!! Rich caramel, salty crunchy pretzels and sweet coconut. I love their chocolate-dipped packaging as chic!

Check out Nicole’s goodies at


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