Creative Galaxy show on Amazon Prime Instant Video – an exclusive sneak peak!

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I had one  of those days where you have absolutely no time to do anything and just end up feeling frustrating and unaccomplished. When I finally got home, I felt like I had SO much stuff to do that I didn’t deserve to relax. I remembered that I had received an invitation to check out a brand new show on Amazon Prime Instant Video  called “Creative Galaxy.” I decided to drop everything that I had to do, make some popcorn and sit down and relax for a minute with my daughter. A “minute” turned into a few hours. Something about the shows was so relaxing that I enjoyed it just as much as a kid! I love how they incorporate cartoons plus real people.They teach kids art + self-confidence with the phrase “Go be amazing!” The best part about this show is that yes, your kids are watching TV. But afterwards…they are inspired to create art that requires no technology. I’m a big supporter of getting kids back to old school arts and crafts and away from their addictive gadgets.

All episodes are hosted by Arty & Epiphany
Episode #7:
– Pointillism: AKA painting with dots. Ummm, I’m embarrassed to say that a 3 y/o is learning about this and I had no idea what it was before watching this episode.
I was so inspired after this episode, I did a quick search of cool fall-inspired Pointillism that my daughter and I could attempt to create:

They make a gift for Mom’s Birthday! Could I love this idea any more?! Let’s encourage more gifts for Mom 😉
They made gorgeous Mosaic butterflies and picture frames plus a little fabric bear (to stop the featured baby from crying).

As a cook, I like that he puts a whisk in his “idea box” – a tool everyone should have!
Splatter painting – with the whisk and a spray bottle, I never would have considered my whisk for making art!
Paper masks, love that they made a leopard print one! So cool. I found a really fun template for a turkey mask so my daughter and I can make one this year:

You can make ANYTHING with art!

Clay beads – turned into necklaces, rings, “shoe jingles”, tie-died shirts!!!

Tissue paper flowers, my favorite craft out of all the episodes. And a dreamy Nlnightlight with stars!

A fancy rocketship!!

After watching Creative Galaxy, I feel relaxed, inspired, artsy, motivated and..oh yeah, the kids loved it too! 😉

Check out more details here:

<p><i>I was selected for this opportunity as a member of <a href="" target="_blank">Clever Girls</a> and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.</i></p>

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