Iced Espresso Elixir – Tequila Avion Espresso


You’ll Need:
3 oz Espresso-flavored Avion tequila
2 scoops, strong coffee ice cream
Garnish – whipped cream and coffee beans

Blend the tequila and ice cream. Serve in really small glasses (even shot glasses wouldbe good), garnish and enjoy!


If you’re an Entourage fan (um, I’ve seen every episode more than twice…obsessed much??) than you already know about Avion!!! Avion’s new espresso blend has a subtle coffee profile and focuses on the tequila (AKA it’s very strong, so this is meant to be a “taste” not a huge portion). It has notes of chocolate and nuts. When combined with good ice cream, it makes an easy dessert for Fall 🙂

Avion Tequila


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