Tips for making the BEST Omelettes + Omelette with Spicy Peppers


An omelette is a fantastic way to eat healthy, stay full and use leftovers. There are so many different combinations and anything goes! If I’m not in the mood to clean up after cooking, this is my “go to” meal.


My fridge always has peppers, eggs and feta. This helps me avoid ordering unhealthy delivery on lazy days. Here are some tips to make sure your omelette always turns out great:

– Use a non-stick pan. This is so important! Even the best cook can screw up an omelette with a bad pan. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. My favorite pan is an 8″ hot pink non-stick pan from TJMaxx for $6. I use it over and over and have great results. With non-stick, the omelette will turn out slightly fluffy and mess-free.

– Don’t overbeat the eggs or the proteins will toughen.

– Use a baking spatula to fold the omelette and run around the sides (make sure you run the spatula around the sides a few times while the omelette is cooking)

– Don’t be scared of flavor!! Mix it up: load up the veggies, add in pesto, crushed peppers, any mix of fresh herbs). You can even use leftover spaghetti (I do this a lot), parm and ricotta, bake than slice to make a pasta fritatta.


You’ll Need:
Mixed sweet peppers, diced (about 3)
Italian hot peppers (or poblano or serrano), diced
Fresh herbs, chopped (basil, parsley, dill)
3 egg whites, 1 whole egg (stirred)
Feta cheese, 3T

– Heat a nonstick pan on medium high. Pour in eggs and let them slightly set. Add remaining ingredients to the left side of the eggs. Cook slightly for another few minutes.

– Gently fold over the right side, and serve. I always use 3 whites plus one egg but feel free to use the whole eggs and it works good too. Enjoy!! 🙂


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