Fall Skincare: Olive-Oil Infused Products by Olivella



This is kinda’ funny, but when I’m making bread or oiling a pan and I use too much olive oil…I always rub the rest into my hands as a moisturizer. This works especially good when the weather starts ro change. Everyone is getting hip to all-natural products, but I’ve heard for years from my Nana and from chefs that olive oil is a great moisturizer.



     Olivella has a lux, natural line of olive oil skincare. Their lip balms are being released this month, but I’m giving you a little sneak peak! I was so happy to get my hands on these bad boys! They come with a cooling roll-on applicator tip and come in lavender (relaxing), mint (so refreshing) and my personal favorite, limoncello (a sunny burst of zesty citrus). I carry them in my purse and use them a few times per day! My favorite product that they make is the 100% extra virgin olive oil moisturizer. I use this in the morning under makeup and at night. Cream-based moisturizers make my skin breakout…this stuff is amazing!! They also have makeup wipes that are very gentle (usually I can’t use the wipes bc they drive my eyes/contacts insane). These don’t cause any irritation at all. And when I need to relax, I use their vanilla shower gel in a bath. None of their products have an overpowering olive oil smell, very subtle and calming. I love olive oil!!


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