Christmas Gift Idea – Yuzen Box!


I’m releasing all of my much awaited annual “Christmas Favorite Things” on Monday morning. Woo hoo, can’t wait to show you what I’ve picked this year! In the meantime, I’m offering up a few sneak peaks on my site so you can do some weekend shopping. We will start this tradition off, with my most relaxing pick this year *drum roll please*…the Yuzen Box. Everyone craves a quiet moment to relax, but it’s rare that you give that to yourself, especially this time of year. Constant rushing,  completing tasks, working…people have mastered multi-tasking to the max. Yuzen is truly a labor of love, created by Ted and Jen (you even receive a personalized note from them in the box) it just feels like a hug in a box!


Yuzen is the first to admit that they have seen the emergence of the sample box trend, but many do not offer products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic. They focus on the experience of relaxation, pause and delight! Their selections and packaging are carefully designed for a well rounded offering (food, beauty, health). Most products are premium sample-sized which can last well over a month.  Each box is also valued at much more than the subscription price.


I love the cute packaging, everything arrives in a small bundle bag.


Acure Organics was my favorite skincare line when I was pregnant and I still love everything they sell. I was excited to try their facial scrub (green clay, Argan oil) and will definitely be purchasing the full size!! I used the Jurlique eye cream and noticed a difference in my undereye circles (Mom eyes). The cowgirl serum is great at night so it can soak in. There were also two shower fizzles, Salus shower bombs. I ended up buying more of the eucalyptus. You just place them on the floor of your shower and they fizz/release steam that clears up your sinuses and gives you a mini spa.


But of course my favorite item…dark chocolate covered Cocomels! Nom nom nom!!!! Dairy free, made with coconut milk, topped with sea salt, these were gone in mere seconds!! Check out Yuzen Box and give your loved ones the gift of health and a much needed “time out” to relax!! Xoxo, happy shopping!!!! 🙂


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