Roots Juices, fresh pressed healthy deliciousness!


All of this snacking around the holiday season, can definitely leave you feeling like you need a little “reset.” Fresh, affordable juices are an awesome gift for health-conscious friends! Pair it with a spa gift certificate and you have a perfect combo. The best cleanse I’ve tried comes from Roots Pressed Juices in the ‘Hangover Recovery Kit.’ It’s only $30, which for a cleanse, that’s a steal! Lots of the cleanses are insanely pricey (upwards of $100+). And…these actually taste good! My favorites are:


Wake Up! A blend of carrots,  apples, ginger and watermelon. Out of the varieties, this one tastes the best and gives me a boost of energy. It’s the greatest first thing in the morning if you’re having a hard time getting the day started.


Skin Glow combines apples, spinach, celery and lemon. A detoxifying combo of citrusy, green flavor. I just feel amazing after a day of drinking these juices Roots Juices stock up before I take all their inventory!


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