Spiralizer – my most used kitchen tool!


Above, is just a basic Chicken Milanese (chicken dipped in egg wash, breaded with panko, lemon, salt & pepper). Instead of serving it with heavy, carb-loaded pasta…I top it with zucchini noodles, cherry tomatoes and a bit of feta. I still eat pasta in moderation,  but for the most part I use my spiralizer to replicate the texture of pasta. So there are a lot of options since spiralizing went viral. But my favorite is still this one:


There’s that big bulky one from Williams-Sonoma which is more expensive,  takes up more space…not a fan. This one has a much better price and does the job! I just can’t afford to waste any more space with huge, bulky kitchen products. So basically you just put the zucchini in and turn it like you’re sharpening a pencil. It results in thin, angel hair strips of “pasta”:


You can boil the “pasta” in water until slightly al dente and toss with your favorite sauce, turn into a salad, add to soups or use as a garnish. I’ve done all of the above, multiple times! My garlic press gets a lot of use, but the spiralizer is close. I’ve even used it with potatoes to make thin, crispy chips (amazing side dish). There are some veggies it won’t work with (ones with too much water) but you just have to experiment. I love it so much, I bought one for all of my family members for Christmas!! It’s an awesome gift for “real cooks” who have everything you can think of!! Check it out on Amazon!!


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