Ferguson Crest Wines, the holiday go-to gift for EVERYONE!!!!



Ferguson Crest was founded by Pat Ferguson and his daughter Fergie in 2006, the 6 acre estate winery excels in capturing the essence of Santa Barbara County terroir and reveals the Ferguson family’s uncommonly tender care of its much-treasured grapes. From the crisp, lush viognier to the spicy and sumptuous syrah, the winery’s bounty also evinces the ingenuity of Ferguson Crest winemaker Joey Tensley (a Food and Wine magazine award-winner whose syrahs have ranked in the Wine Spectator top 100). With its dedication to tending its vineyards through organic, sustainability-minded practices that help preserve the richness of the land, Ferguson Crest offers up a premier selection of varietals sure to delight those with a passion for exquisitely handcrafted wines. Wine (and good quality wine) is hands down, the BEST gift for all!


My favorite blend is the sexy and bold “Fergalicious” variety. The 2011 vintage marks the winery’s first release of a red wine blend. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache and Merlot all come together to produce a very complex wine with a traditional Cabernet Sauvignon texture. Syrah grapes contribute notes of spice and pepper. Grenache fruit add body and the Merlot enriches the wine with color and roundness. It received a 92 point rating by Wine Enthusiast. A lot of celebrities are doing wines as a “trend”…this is no trend, it is classic, authentic wine crafted to perfection.


Baby in the vineyard, teaching him early 😉 This looks like a spot my 11-month old foodie would love too!


The whole line of wines can be purchased at Ferguson Crest Store head over there right now before they sell out!! PS – pair the wine with the Mykonos Throw from ZGallerie and you’re all set 😉 xoxp have fun shopping!!


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