Christmas Beauty Gifts: Baby Quasar & Shea Terra


Technology has done some pretty awesome stuff for skincare!! It’s possible to get clear, glowing skin today without spending thousands on laser treatments. The weather drives my skin insane and I have tried everything you can possibly imagine. I used to go tanning but with all the resources on how horrible it is, it’s the equivalent of smoking. Just…less than smart. For the past 3 months, I’ve been using this cool device called Clear Rayz.
It took one month before I really noticed a difference and I wish I could buy it for everyone this Christmas!!!! Clear Rayz is an LED Light Therapy device cleared by the FDA, for treating acne. Basically, it uses natural, safe, PAINLESS colored light waves. There are no harmful UV rays like ones from tanning salons or irritating chemicals, just safe blue and red LED. You can use the system at home without the annoying trip to a derm. It comes with full instructional materials that have a suggested weekly schedule for treatments. I’m not usually that impressed with the overpriced skincare stuff that’s on the market, but this is at a phenomenal price with actual results. It is kinda creepy looking at night so you might have to use it alone:


I don’t remember the last time I had a breakout. I think it’s a great gift paired with the skincare products I’ve been using!!


In combination with the Clear Rayz I use Shea Terra Rosemary Cleansing Oil they have a huge product line, but the cleansing oil is part of my morning and nightly routine. I love, love, love (did I mention love?!)the smell of rosemary in skincare products. Besides that, oil cleansing has made a big difference. I no longer use chemical filled cleansers and my skin is very thankful!!! Oil does indeed clean away oil and debris and soap scum, too. Overuse of soap can cause facial skin to become overly dry and dry or shiny looking. Moroccan argan oil effectively cleanses away dirt and debris while nourishing skin leaving it soft and beautifully glowing. Distilled rosemary oil, an ancient beautifying treasure, purifies and tones skin leaving it blemish free. After cleansing, I always finish with their pure argan oil to moisturize. Sometimes I use their Argan Oil and Acacia Honey Face Wash but it smells like shit natural. What? I’m just being honest. It delivers amazing results but don’t expect a fragrance, it is truly 100% natural and does wonders for glowing, clear healthy skin! It has a huge following on Amazon, the reviews speak for the product.


Phenomenal product just doesn’t smell the best. I would buy this one for yourself and than gift the Clear Rayz with the rosemary cleanser, argan oil and their fabulous Shea Butter Oils that come in fresh, yummy scents like coconut lemongrass, mango and pineapple!


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