“O” Olive Oils


O Olive Oils and Vinegars are my latest and greatest kitchen discovery! They are one of the few remaining vinegar makers in this country using the old world method of natural aging in wood barrels rather than mechanically force-aging the vinegars. Their flavored oils, are crushed with olives and citrus (as opposed to adding flavors or infusing after the pressing process). Above, are their oils in lemon and orange. I like the blood orange as a vinaigrette paired with a spinach salad, feta, red onions and vegetables. The lemon, is almost used up! I drizzle this on salmon before roasting, toss with orecchiette, broccolim, garlic & parmesan or use it on steamed veggies and salads. The perfect blend of Meyer lemons crushed with olives.


The champagne vinegar is crisp, light and dry and pairs perfect with fennel, lemon and herbs (great light side salad to go with pasta). The sherry vinegar is amazing in chicken marsala, one of my favorite things to make in the winter! The zinfandel is smoky with rich notes of lush cherry. It makes a fantastic Caesar Salad dressing or anything that calls for good quality red wine vinegar.


The fig vinegar is ripe, juicy and filled with sweetness. Prosciutto. Mozzarella. Roasted Peppers. Fleur de Sal. Fig Vinegar. Need I say more?! I’ve also reduced it to syrup and poured over chicken. For the first time, I also tried it on pure vanilla bean ice cream…phenomenal!  The cider vinegar pairs crisp apples with golden honey. I use cider vinegar in my water and tea, this is much better than the standard boring old ACV. Sparkling water and this apple cider vinegar is something I drink daily! With the orange blossom vinegar, I’ve made couscous   and halibut, roasted chicken with squash and a Chinese chicken salad. There are endless options for the perfect gift at O Olive Oil!


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