Healthy Spring Drinks


Sparkling Ice: I hate soda and juices that are loaded with sugar. I love sparkling water – crisp, light and refreshing. There are so many of them on the market that have artificial junk that tastes really weird. I hate the generic-brand sparkling waters that go flat 5 seconds after you open them. I found Sparkling Ice a few years ago (my favorite is the grapefruit) but I’m really excited that they now carry strawberry lemonade and peach tea! They have 0g sugar and are sprinkle in Vitamins D, B6, B3, B12 (much needed energy), B5 and Biotin (great for your skin/hair/nails). I’m a big fan because they have a really strong sparkling fizz and a subtle flavor (not overpowering at all). My favorite combo:

1 bottle Grapefruit Sparkling Ice, Fresh mint & basil leaves, fresh grapefruit slices – pour over tons of ice and enjoy!

 Mansi: This year the pollen is out of control and my allergies along with it. I’ve had days where I can barely breathe, sneezing every five seconds – it’s so incredibly uncomfortable. I’ve been boosting my immune system with vitamins and I truly believe that this Mansi Drink has helped my allergies subside and ward off any colds. Calamansi juice is essentially “Filipino Lemonade.” To me, it tastes like a mix of tangerine and lime. A tart bite with a sweet finish. Mansi is packed with Vitamin C, here’s how I mix it up: 1 container of Drink Mansi, loads of honey (sorry, don’t measure it), 1T apple cider vinegar, tons of ice. Pour everything over the ice, give it a stir and cheers to good health J

  Q Tonics: I have a little wine cooler that I don’t keep wine in but I stock it with Q Drinks (50* so they’re super cold). Q is made with organic agave as the sweetener, all-natural ingredients, and zero high fructose syrups (I hate that junk). Clean, crisp and the flavor is perfectly proportioned. Quinine in the tonic version is believed to improve circulation and accelerate digestion, improving health and overall energy. My Nana has told me for years that this is why she drinks G&T’s. I always thought they were strictly a tonic company, but some other favorites from their line are: grapefruit, club soda and line of ginger drinks. The ginger packs a big, spicy bite of flavor and they are one of the few companies that use real ginger root, coriander, cardamom, rose oil and orange peel. It’s a “luxury ginger ale.” It can be blended with many other beverages to create a delicious mix (I like to add honey and fresh mint). And also an essential for nausea, allergies or when you feel a cold developing.


Honey Drop: Manuka honey is truly liquid gold; very high in vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. It is a natural antibiotic. HoneyDrop Beverages makes a delicious line of handcrafted, raw cold-pressed juices. And a percentage of the profits go to help beekeepers create new hives (honeybees are an integral part of the food chain as they pollinate 1/3 the produce we consume). My favorite varieties are the Lemon Cayenne Cleanse & Apple Ginger Lemon Daily Immunity (ginger and honey, my favorites). The apple ginger variety includes two cold pressed fuji apples, one lemon, an ounce of ginger and a generous amount of Manuka Honey. I would love to make this a part of my daily routine for health.



Mushroom Matrix: I’ve been hearing loads of buzz about mushrooms becoming the new kale. Sidenote, McDonald’s is selling kale now (yuck, way to oversaturate the market). The health benefits of mushrooms have been revered in Eastern Culture for years.  The company owners spent over 30 years in research on wellness. I keep the matrix energy sticks in my purse and add them to a bottle of water when I need to wake up a little bit or my allergies are driving me nuts. Cordyceps is a natural fatigue-fighting and endurance enhancing mushroom. It also includes my favorite ingredients – yerba mate and turmeric all in one little tiny packet. It packs 119mg caffeine (yes, please)! I drink smoothies every single morning since I’m not a big breakfast person. I always end one scoop of Mushroom Matrix (Beauty or Fit varieties). It does not taste like mushrooms – I repeat, it does not taste like mushrooms! There is no flavor so you will get the benefits without even noticing. Both blends can be added to juice as well. My favorite morning smoothie is: 1 frozen banana (absolutely has to be frozen, makes a huge difference) 1C coconut milk, 1T espresso powder, 1T chia seeds, 1T flaxseeds, 1T Mushroom Matrix, 1T PB Lean. It fills me up and keeps me energized until lunch!


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