Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – the only recipe you’ll need!

{Bulletproof Coffee} was created by Dave Asprey (American entrepreneur, author and one of the first to “exploit” the Internet by selling caffeine molecule t-shirts in 1994 and he also sounds a little nuts/awesome!) He posted the recipe and its benefits back in 2011 and just now the recipe is suddenly popping up on every social media outlet online. He even created the “Bulletproof Diet” showcasing a “high performance lifestyle.” A little bit too intense for me, but I like this recipe because it gives me a pop of energy without the crash and short and sweet – I love the coconut flavor. Let’s go ahead and make it: For the video tutorial on YouTube, please click here: Caitlin Cooks – Bulletproof Coffee Tutorial + Interview with Nana

You’ll Need:
8 oz freshly brewed espresso (or coffee if you’re an amateur 😉
2T coconut oil
2T grassfed butter

Since there are only 3 ingredients, what you use is very important. You need to use the good quality stuff here:

Kerrygold Butter:
My family has used this brand for years (Irish 100%) but I had no idea how good it is for you! Kerrygold is grass-fed and their cows are free of growth hormones. I prefer the unsalted version for BP Coffee – it’s an all-natural, cultured-cream Irish butter with a more complex flavor. Try making your coffee with regular butter and taste the difference between the two – you will be able to tell. I tested it both ways because I only had regular butter left in my house when I first tried this recipe   I really did want to see if the claims about the grass-fed giving you more energy were true. I have to say that this time around, I really did notice that I had more energy. This stuff was seriously the equivalent of rocket fuel. I drank my cup at around 1PM and I was wired until 11PM. A good idea to try it before work – not on the weekend.

Kerrygold Butter has a higher butterfat content and it’s also the perfect butter for baking. It has a richness which is particularly good in pie crusts and cookies. I’m making a peach-blueberry yogurt pie thing that I’ll definitely be trying this in. And when I’m starving or craving comfort food, I love really good artisan bread (hot) with melted butter. This is the best butter to use on your bread! Absolutely delicious. But I guess if we’re supposed to keep it healthy in this post 🙂
Kerry Gold Butters

Skinny Coconut Oil:

100% Raw, pure, extra virgin. AKA this stuff has no added chemicals and crap and it’s the ONLY coconut oil on the market right now that is considered 100% raw and alkaline. They use absolutely NO heat to extract the oil, it is a cold process. All of their coconuts are wild harvested in the jungles of Vietnam and their process locks in all of the nutritional benefits. I can taste the difference. I could do 500 posts about the amazing uses for this fabulous product: face wash, moisturizer, body butter, good for sunburn relief, diaper rash (the baby, not adults), oil pulling…you get the hint. This company even makes lip balm and a peppermint flavored oil for teeth cleaning. Skinny Coconut Oil


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