Watermelon Essentials – Happy National Watermelon Day

{Happy National Watermelon Day} These are the unique and essential products I’ll be using to celebrate this fabulous day brought to you by Watermelon.org!  
:::Farmhouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Scrub:::

! I’ve been a Farmhouse Fresh fan for quite some time and this is my favorite product of theirs that I’ve used so far. 

Stay tuned, because I’ll be showing you some of my other favorites in future posts. 97% natural, free of nasty parabens and sulfates. A cocktail for your skin that combines juicy watermelon oil, basil, rice bran oil blended into a base of sweet sugar. This smells like summer! This scrub is perfection and it leaves my skin super smooth. I really like to use it before I do a manicure and pedicure. My hands and feet tend to get really dry in the summer and this does the trick of exfoliating + moisturizing without having to go through the extra step of smothering on lotion. 


:::Camp Skincare Yin-Yang Balancing Oil::: This special oil blend combines watermelon, argan, cherry, grapefruit and pomegranate. It’s lightweight and not greasy. Perfect for rebalancing and hydrating your skin. Watermelon seed oil contains over 60% linoleic acid to dissolve sebum and lycopene, a super powerful free radical. Argan oil AKA “liquid gold” is one of my favorite skincare ingredients – high in Vitamin E, and ingredients that stimulate stem cell regeneration. Most mornings, I wake up looking very tired and I need the added moisture pop. This has become my “go-to” facial moisturizer. It’s compact enough to carry in my purse and press into my skin over makeup for a midday glow. http://www.campskincare.com

 :::Amazing Grass Green Superfood in Watermelon Energy::: I started drinking green juice on a daily basis or “yucky juice” as my daughter identifies it on account of the color. I started drinking green juice around 3PM instead of having an extra coffee. I heard about the Watermelon Energy from all of the 5-Star Amazon reviews and was immediately interested. I mix one individual sized pack with 8-oz bottled water and just shake it on up to get 85mg of plant-based caffeine! I think a good green drink is a staple for every healthy diet and this is my fav! I love getting increased energy without having to down more cups of caffeine and crash. You can add it to any smoothie without disturbing the taste – perfect if you’re skeptical or not a big green juice fan yet. Benefits include health and immunity support, aids in digestion, balances alkalinity, naturally charged energy. In addition to the lush, juicy watermelon it also contains: acai, maca powder, cherry, beets, carrots, barley grass, broccoli – all the good stuff! Cheers!


 :::Naiad Whipped Soaps Limited Edition Pink Watermelon::: This is a soap, scrub, moisturizer, cleanser…all in one! The sugar is super fine so the exfoliating part is very subtle. I use this as my daily body cleanser. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis, 1T will change into a bubbly lather upon contact with water. All Naiad Soap products are artisan, handmade with lots of love. I’m tempted to buy every single whipped sugar scrub they sell, I can’t get enough of the whipped and bubbly texture!



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