Beach Vacation Essentials

Beach Essentials:::  
{Tillow Pillow + Towel}: Beach chairs are annoying to carry, plain towels are super uncomfortable my only questions is why didn’t someone invent this sooner?! The Tillow is basically the ultimate beach product. It’s a super plush towel with a built in comfortable foam pillow, water-resistant pockets – one of which holds a touchscreen window! It rolls up and fits easily in a beach bag. I put this inside my suitcase and discovered an added benefit – it acts as a shield cushioning everything you’ve packed below it. I’m loving the Vintage beachy pattern above! Only problem?! We’ll be fighting over who gets to use this poolside or on the beach 🙂

The Tillow
 {Macro Greens}: The perfect breakfast before hitting the beach is energizing, hydrating and packed with fruits and veggies. Smoothies are my favorite option! I alternate between a strawberry-banana, a green smoothie or a coffee smoothie so I don’t get bored. Here’s my Strawberry-Banana Recipe: 1C fresh or frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1/2C milk, 1/2C Greek yogurt, 1T honey, 2 big T Macro Greens. Or Miracle Reds. Macro Greens contain loads of vitamins and antioxidants, green tea, ginkgo, echinacea, baby barley grass powder and a serving of 5+ fruits and veggies. The Macro Reds variety is a blend of blueberries, boysenberries, elderberries, blackberries, and red raspberries basically forming a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with antioxidants that help mop-up unstable free radicals that damage cells. All ingredients are high in polyphenols, carotenes, phytonutrient antioxidants and compounds that are missing in typical diets. They also make delicious, chewy snack bars and “JR” versions for kids. I also unfortunately, get sick every single time that I travel on a plane. I can’t remember the last time I avoided it. I’m hoping this year I csn avoid that becausr I plan on drinking a Macro Life infused smoothie each morning.

Macro Life


{Jamberry}: Having polished nails on vacation makes you feel clean and put together. No matter what nail polish brand I’ve tried (from Essie to Sally Hansen I saw a lot of concerns from beauty reviewers that they have to buy special tools or something to put them on – not at all – just use a hair dryer for the hear part and they last 10+ days. You do need to have a little bit of patience with the application process but the way I look at it – you also need patience applying nail polish every 2-3 days. So it balances out! The key points to make these look good: make sure your nails are fully dry and oil-free, make sure to heat the wraps enough, pick wraps that are smaller than your nails – the edges cannot touch your skin. The trick for me is to heat both the front and back of the nail wrap before applying so they’re super flexible. There is a plethora of YT videos online that show how to do it. My favorite summer combination for the beach is the animal print as an accent nail with a neon pink polish, dark with gold sparkles (shown above) or a Jamberry (this way my wrap collection will last longer and I can switch it up if I get bored). They have endless patterns and colors for the wraps on the Jamberry Nails website!


 {The Wet Brush}: My daughter and I have curly, unmanageable hair and the beach makes it even worse. My beach routine = clean hair, a leave in conditioner like my Glossier, argan oil, beach waves all combed through with a Wet Brush. I put it in a braid, pull it back and enjoy the beach! The Wet Brush is the best detangler that does zero damage to your hair. Lord knows my hair doesn’t need any further damage. This eliminates tangles pain-free (perfect for toddlers)! It can be used on wet or dry hair. It’s great to have in your beach bag as an essential for the whole family to use!

The Wet Brush

{Aquapac}: You should limit your technology use when you’re supposed to be relaxing but – who doesn’t want to take endless family photos?! This item is essential for protecting your phone and capturing memories.The Aquapac is made of a thin but tough material called TPU. Thin enough that you can operate all the controls normally. They use an optically-clear  lens material that gives you great photos and video, even underwater. The patented Aquaclip sealing system opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers. The case is very light – only 1.1oz including the lanyard – so when not in use you can roll it up into a tiny bundle!

{Schmidt’s Deodorant}: Swimming and sunning can make you extremely hungry. So most likely, when your beach day is over you’ll be grabbing some food. Who wants to drive home to get ready?! I carry Schmidt’s Deodorant in my beach bag to freshen up quickly without harsh chemicals. Schmidt’s has the cutest packaging and they’re really on a mission to change the way people think about deodorant. Their products are luxurious, healthy and have fresh scents. Bergamot-Lime is my favorite scent. The essential oils aid as a disinfectant and provide skin healing benefits. 

Schmidt’s Deodorant

 Other Beach Favorites:

{Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil} I love the full line of Ogx Moroccan Oils (especially their smell) this oil will be on my hair daily at the beach to moisturize and protect from damage.

{Burt’s Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Balm} moisturizing, sheer pastel colors without yucky chemicals.

{Currently Reading: Thrive: The Third Metric} Arianna Huffington – I really wanted to love “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg but the entire book (in my opinion) was quoting studies, facts and left me very uninspired just yawning. I’ve heard Arianna Huffington’s books are more inspiring, so update youon how it goes! 


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