Fall Skincare Essentials – Create a “Spa Day” at Home!

{Skin Food by Aubrey}: My #1 favorite seller on Etsy is Skin Food by Aubrey. Amidst an endless world of homemade beauty products, Aubrey’s are the best. Here are my top picks for Fall: 

Coffee Scrub: This is hands-down the most fantastic smelling product I have ever used in my life. It smells like a Coffee with Hazelnut-Chocolate, Cream and Sugar. Without the calories! And loads of skin benefits. Almost like a Nutella infused with coffee! It leaves skin super soft and the coffee aids in waking up your tired skin.

Detox Mask & Oil Set: A clarifying treatment with kelp, alf alfa and sea clay. I mix the oil with the clay, leave it on for 15 mins than use the oil as a moisturizer. Its super gentle and leaves skin glowing from all of the vitamins.

 Charcoal Bar: Charcoal is the best way to cleanse impurities from your skin without drying, harsh chemicals. This is the best charcoal skincare product I have yet to come across. A combo of raw organic coconut oil, shea butter, grapefruit oil, lime oil, ginger root, anise and essential oils.

Lip Balm: Contains real beets for color minus the chemicals, sweet vanilla and refreshing mint! I need to reorder this already! Even my toddler is a fan.

Whitening Toothpaste: This is a liquid consistency which is fun to use AND delivers results. I love whitening products, but often they make my teeth hurt with all the bleach and nasty chemicals. This is my go to alternative. Check out all of Aubrey’s products on Skin Food by Aubrey

{Butter Elixir Baby}: I’ve been a fan of Butter Elixir and their positive energy for years. They’re one of my biggest supporters and they recently rolled out their latest & greatest product – Butter Elixir Baby. Avocado oil, calendula, tangerine. Super rich and moisturizing for your baby’s delicate skin (and your skin too!) Softens and hydrates the skin with a delicate citrus touch. This is becoming a ritual after bath time! Perfect before naps/bedtime. We have “Baby Spa Day” together and use this after a bubble bath. And I love that it’s tiny enough to keep in my purse! Nourish your body and soul with Butter Elixir

{Carrying your Skincare Products on the Go – Fivesse Beach Bag}: This is the ultimate bag for carrying all of your spa products “on the go!” This was originally intended to be a beach bag but turned into my #1 essential everything bag! This is a diaper bag that doesn’t stain or get dirty easily (milk bottles, snacks – it holds it all), I can keep my favorite spa products in the bag for “on the go” touch-ups. I use it as a gym bag for all my skincare. I keep my wallet and essential items in here, essential oils, my Skin Food lip butters and face moisturizers. I can even carry my laptop in here if I need too! Next summer, I will also be using this as a beach bag. But in the meantime, it will be taking me through Fall and Winter to hold all of my many skincare essentials! Fivesse is inspired by the Japanese philosophy “5S” – when everything is organized and in its proper place, life just runs better. They live by this mantra and have designed bags with this in mind to help you stay organized while on the go to the gym, beach, pool, or wherever your day may take you so you can shine on!

{Temple Spa}:

Truffle Moisturizer – Candy for the skin! This works great as an overnight moisturizer. I put this on before bed and it protects the skin against stress. This product has won beauty awards and I can understand why! Great at reviving tired, dull skin it regulates moisture levels and repairs hyperpigmentation and age spots. Key lux ingredients include: black truffles, cocoa butter, diamond powder, grape seed champagne and strawberry extract. Rich in nutrients, it is a refreshing treat that delivers results.

Breakfast Mask – Your skin needs breakfast too! This gives your skin honey, oats, fruit and juice! Polishing and brightening, this is a mask or a quick scrub. Gets rid of all your dead skin cells and concerns about aging! I use my eye patches (below) combined with this mask every single morning. Check them out at Temple Spa USA

{Patchology Eye Patches} These are my new BFF. Morning routine = throw these on, drink an espresso = ability to function before 9AM. There are actually a lot of them included in the package, so I haven’t run out just yet! This is a powerful de-puffing and hydrating treatment. It’s a total powerhouse when used in combo with the Temple Spa eye cream. You pop them on your skin (you can walk around with them on) for 20 minutes and voila! It’s like you had 8+ hours of sleep! Patchology is loaded with caffeine and healthy peptides. 

{Grow Gorgeous}

Hair Growth Serum – my hair falls out in clumps like there’s no tomorrow. Highlights, dying it for years and heat have left it in pretty bad shape. I used this every single night the entire summer and it has improved dramatically. It’s growing healthier, shinier and slowly but surely starting to improve from the state that it was in. Grow Gorgeous has a complex blend of 7 technologies that work hard together and it definitely made my hair visibly longer, thicker and fuller – I just ran out of my bottle 😦

{Nectar Bath Treats}: At first glance, Nectar looks like a luxurious line of decadent cupcakes and sweet treats. They are a line of bath/body treats loaded with plant-based oils and butters and essential oils. Bath bombs are the ultimate way to turn your tub into a spa-like Jacuzzi and Nectar offers the best!

Passion Bath Bomb – Favorite Bath Bomb EVER (sorry Lush)! The scent is just so refreshing – peach, banana, pineapple and tangerine! Pure bliss. 

 Lemon Poppy Scrub – A lemon dessert without the calories, filled with real poppy seeds!!

Cupcake Soap – Moisture rich, coconut, palm and safflower oils. A gorgeous way to treat yourself, don’t save their products just for special occasions. All of their delicious bakery-inspired skincare can be purchased at Nectar Bath

{Organic Fiji} – Although summer has faded, I can keep it alive with my Organic Fiji products! They use Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Certified Organic Fijian Island Cane Sugar to bring you one of the most effective, natural exfoliants on the market. Organic Fiji Sugar Polish and Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliant that doesn’t sting or scratch the skin and is a simple way to transform dull, dry skin into a beautiful, healthy, moisturized glow. Sugar is a natural glycolic acid which helps slough off dead skin cells and promote cell rejuvenation, and the anti-oxidant rich coconut, this makes me feel like I’m on a tropical beach somewhere. It’s great for super dry winter skin during the cooler months because it leaves a moisturizing layer after use. The best “island inspired” skincare product. 

Tropical lotions – my personal favorite is the Cucumber Melon, fresh and crisp with no greasy residue. Other favorites are the Jasmine and Pink Grapefruit (both are in my Fivesse bag)! They combine Certified Organic Coconut Oil with a blend of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to replenish and moisturize your skin, for a tropical treat all year-round check out Organic Fiji


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