Vitamins for Healthy Skin with NeoCell Collagen and Resveratrol

My skin starts to get irritated and loses the summer glow once the weather gets cold. My hair breaks easily and is just prone to damage. Since I can’t do much to change the climate, I’ve been researching for the best supplements to incorporate alongside lots of water and a healthy, nutritious diet. I’ve tried hair growth/healthy skin vitamins but most of them contain biotin which makes my skin break out like crazy. I’ve been taking NeoCell Collagen + C for a week and decided to write about it because it does live up to its claims. Basically it’s a delicious, syrupy liquid that combines the potent antioxidants Pomegranate, Green Tea, Elderberry and Cranberry with the anti-aging benefits of Collagen+C™. Ionic Minerals are added for further absorption benefits and the blend is sweetened with low glycemic index Agave nectar. This complex formulation makes for an easy-to-take, revitalizing anti-aging supplement. 

Benefits Include:

-Radiant and resilient skin

-Thicker hair and stronger nails (I can’t wait to take this for a full month and see if it improves the health of my hair)

-Provides building blocks for collagen synthesis

-Healthy and strong ligaments and tendons

-Potent antioxidant

I also started taking NeoCell’s Resveratrol capsules. Everyone has heard the buzz about red wine being healthier due in part to the healthy Resveratrol contained within the grapes. The health benefits of Muscadine grape, red wine, red grapes, pomegranate and grape seed extracts have been known for many years. Now modern science and research reveals that regular consumption of these amazing fruits containing natural polyphenol nutrients contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Resveratrol is a polyphneol produced by some plants to protect them from environmental stress. It has antioxidant activity and is most known as the component in red wine that may confer heart health benefits to the French people who have a high fat intake, which is known as the French Paradox. Recent studies demonstrate reservatrol mimics the effect of calorie restriction, which is an intervention to expand life span in animals. I take these capsules, a tablespoon of the Collagen + C along with my daily B Vitamins and a Multivitamin. I don’t feel as sluggish as I was before, I’ve even had more energy to exercise. I’m hoping that with consistent use, I will continue to see more positive results. They offer a full range other healthy supplements too! Take some time to browse their site NeoCell and determine what products will best fit the healthy results you are looking to achieve. 


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