Deva Curl Review – controlling curly, frizzy hair!

I’ve spent loads of frustrating hours trying to straighten my hair which involves blow drying it (1 hour), straightening (1/2 hour) and getting annoyed when the weather makes it go right back to its natural state of frizz and years of hair dye and heat-infused damage. I’ve tried to wear my hair natural but it just ends up looking like I put zero effort into it. After tons of research, I decided to try the product line from Deva Curl – all 100% free of parabens and sulfate a (super gentle):

Cleanse (not shampoo!):  

 Zero lather AKA “no poo” and adds moisture back. Does not strip hair like most shampoos. I love the subtle scent. This is the best shampoo for dry, curly hair – my hair can never get enough moisture! You might have to get accustomed to the no lather at first, but it totally works!

Conditioner –  

 This is my favorite part of the entire line, I like that you can leave it in. Conditioner is the beauty product I go through most quickly and it lasted me a good month. No idea what magic formulation they invented to make it do this but my hair automatically goes curly (without me scrunching) when I use this conditioner. I know that it seals in the pattern of your curls! I only rinse out about 85% of it, and make sure first to take it through from roots to ends. It does not weight hair down and keeps the moisture level of your hair and scalp balanced. I’ve used a lot of curl conditioners that give my hair too much build up/dandruff (usually cheaper drugstore brands). This offers the max amount of hydration and it’s good for all types of curls. 

Spray Gel –  

  I flip my head over, spray the gel and scrunch/hold, holding each section gently for 10 seconds. 

Moisturizer –  

 This product enhances and defines curls, leaving not a trace of frizz. 

Volumizer –  

 Infused with chamomile and rosemary and free of parabens, this is my favorite volumizing product. Leaves my hair shiny and soft with loads of bounce. The trick to working with all of the products is allowing your hair to dry 100% before touching it – that can completely ruin the finished look of the curls. 
After a little trial and error the steps below allow me to get perfect curls with just product and air drying. For extra volume I pin sections of hair up at the root with clips. Or…I use the foam on dry hair at the end of the day to plump it up with loads of volume (good for second day hair too!)

– Before applying water to hair, rub in the No Poo. Add water/rinse. Repeat.

Condition – Add conditioner, comb through and let sit for 10 minutes. Wash out most, leaving some residue behind. Add a quarter sized amount back in. 

Styling: Scrunch hair lightly and use a cotton towel to hold/dry (never use terry). Add moisturizer to ends. When hair is about 50% air dry, add volumizer and spray with gel if desired. Enjoy a day of long lasting, soft curls!

Deva Curl also has certified salons, check them out to see if there’s one in your area to get the proper cut for curls!


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