Healthy Hair – how to stay frizz-free and polished on a budget!

More often then not, the thought of dragging my butt to the salon and sitting there for 2+hrs to pay in excess of $200 sounds far from appealing. It’s so expensive and time consuming but I’ve discovered some phenomenal products that help you achieve a fresh look without an outrageous price tag:


One application kit like above is only $24 from ESalon. Hair color boxes in retail stores are mass-made and not designed for anyone in particular. Hair stylists have yelled at me numerous times for using them – oops. Your hair is unique, and for the best results your hair color should be customized to meet your individual needs. In order to achieve your perfect color, a colorist must tailor it to your personal traits, such as your hair type, style, length, color history, target color, among others. eSalon’s colorists take all these factors into account when they blend your custom color. They ask you questions and have you submit photos of your current color to help the customization process. It’s a great value for the money. Their kits also include:

A custom color bottle with your name on it – how cool!

And…the results!!! My hair came out much shinier vs. using the at home kit from Garnier that I typically use. The color was bolder and best of all…it’s been two weeks and has not faced. I ended up only having to use one bottle so I still have another left over for when my hair is ready again!

I learned about Olaplex from a hairstylist and have been curious to try it out for quite awhile. It’s used 1x/week to strengthen hair between chemical processes so now was the perfect time to give it a whirl! It kept my hair super glossy and breakage (a big problem for me) has reduced. Just be sure to buy it only directly from Olaplex or your salon Olaplex

My current shampoo/conditioner are from Renpure – the super lux coconut milk variety:


Coconut milk conditions your hair daily without the use of harsh chemicals. It adds tons of body and does not make my hair feel greasy/weighed down. It has a subtle tropical smell and works similar to Wen (I condition in sections, rinse and then leave in a dime-sized amount). They  also have a matching shampoo that works alongside the conditioner to keep your hair smooth and free from any traces of frizz.


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