Cargo Cosmetics – super pigmented HD makeup!

Cargo Cosmetics has been around since 1996 creating simple products with professional quality results. The first product of theirs that I ever tried was over 10 years ago and my first “expensive” makeup purchase – their lip gloss pot in a super shimmery bubblegum pink. They still sell an amazing lip gloss in a pot quad:

Now for a completely pore-free, flawless, “photo-friendly” makeup look, Cargo Cosmetics is still a fabulous option. I’m always trying out new foundations because my skin changes based on the climate (from tan to light, dry and red to over tired) my skin is super sensitive to the environmental changes. How is it possible that I can put makeup on in the morning and it looks fine but by the end of the day it’s orange and melting off my face? How does this even happen? 

Finding a foundation that isn’t orange has been a true struggle. My skin is super sensitive to weather changes. The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Photo foundation was a great match for my skin tone (2N) and did not budge throughout the day:

Love: B
uildable coverage so I start with a thin layer to avoid a cake-y makeup problem. Lasts all day, oil-free and packed with a multi-mineral complex that provides nutrients to the skin. Vitamin C & E provides antioxidant protection. Blends well and goes on smooth with a matte finish and full pigmentation. The trick is to not use a lot of it (I recommend just a dime-sized amount patted in with a beauty blender type sponge deal). This little package should last you a very long time. 
I wear this makeup when I need heavier coverage. The blush however = all day, every day! It lasts the whole enter day and has a matte finish:
It’s a universally flattering pink pop that adds a glow to every makeup look. Pastel pinks and corals are my absolute favorite makeup blush and lipstick colors. It’s my makeup dream to have drawers filled with stunning shades of pink like this. Natural, matte finish and totally customizable so you can layer it for a bold look or swipe once for daily wear. I even mix a little bit with a lip balm for a great matching color. Check them out at Cargo Cosmetics


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