Farmbox Direct fresh produce delivered! Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

Farmbox Direct is the healthiest Mother’s Day gift idea and guaranteed to be something that’s actually used!

I can never have enough fresh product in stock, I’m always adding veggies to pasta, snacking on peppers and guacamole or combining fruit with honey and citrus for a quick, healthy dessert. Receiving produce fresh on my doorstep makes life that much easier. The produce section at the grocery store tends to be a cluster on the weekends and a little bit wild. If I can make my shopping trip quicker, sign me up!
Besides the Farmbox fresh produce, the story behind this company sparked my interest. Owner Ashley Tyrner, just a bit over 4 years ago, was on food stamps. She identified that finding fresh organic products in New York was rough. She started by making deliveries herself within the city. She has since expanded while maintaining the same quality standards. All deliveries are certified organic, seasonal and pesticide-free.The produce arrived crisp, colorful and fresh-picked from the farm. Here are the delicious contents in their latest delivery and how I used them:

Asparagus, 2 bunches (roast with tons of fresh lemon juice + zest, garlic, EVOO + parmesan)

Mini sweet orange peppers (sliced, tossed w/ dill, red wine vinegar, onion, S&P)

Kale, huge bunch

Zucchini, 2

Mushrooms (chicken marsala)

Onion, 1 sweet (I use these in all of my sautéed recipes) 

Avocadoes, 2 – I can never have enough avocadoes in stock, nearly daily I make whole grain toast (sliced thin, baked crispy in the oven with olive oil, S&P) than top it with 2 hard-boiled eggs smashed with 1 avocado and S&P. It’s filling and a much more flavorful substitute for mayo.

Crisp Apples, 3

Pears, 2

Kiwi, 2

Blood Oranges, 3

The kiwi and oranges I just eat fresh as a snack. Pears and apples: I make a healthy dessert by chopping them up and tossing with cinnamon, sugar, steel-cut oats and bake in the oven for a bit. Check them out on: Farmbox Direct


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